Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the perfect way to remove dings and minor dents from the body of your car. Also commonly called paintless dent removal, this technique is used for a wide range of damages, if the paint surface is intact. PDR works for hail damage, bodylines damage, minor creases and door dings. PDR can work on both aluminum and steel panels. Even if your car needs painting, this method can be used to prep the damaged panel, thereby reducing the need for body filler and dramatically reducing your costs. Paintless dent repair is not only quick, but also the most affordable way of repairing many types of body damage. Contact Dallas Paintless Dent Repair here in Dallas, TX to find out more about our PDR process and technique.

How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

The location and size of the damage will often determine whether or not PDR is a solution for your car. These factors will also determine how the process works. Some creases or dents require the technician to push out the dents from inside the metal panel, while other types will require the use of specially designed tools to pull out the dents from the outside. In either technique, the technicians will manipulate the metal in precise locations, using a PDR reading instrument called paintless dent repair light. It is important for the technician to be able to visualize the deformation of the dent, in order to be able to locate the tip of the tool. As this method of repair is intrinsically manual, it is equally important to have highly experienced and skilled technicians working on your vehicle.

Benefits of PDR with Dallas Paintless Dent Repair

PDR is a quick and inexpensive alternative to having a vehicle repainted. But what are the benefits of PDR at Dallas Paintless Dent Repair? First, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive damage assessment process, which is essential in determining not only the number of dents and dings to be fixed, but also their size, location and extent as these will impact the technique. You will also benefit from a detailed assessment followed by a tailored repair plan so that there are no surprises as we restore your car. You’ll be able to keep costs under control and get back on the road as soon as possible. You’ll also benefit from the expertise and skills of highly qualified technicians who have deep experience in paintless dent repair and can work even with the trickiest of dings and creases.

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