Paintless Dent Repair Frequently Asked Questions.

PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is the process of removing dents from auto bodies without the use of traditional methods of cutting a vehicle open, removing panels for replacement parts, and destroying the value of a vehicle. The paintless method reverses the dent from behind the panel or on the surface.

Dent repair kits online never have what you really need. Contrary to popular belief and the myriad of youtube videos, dents do not just “pop” out. Dry ice, blow dryers and suction cups are not methods of genuinely fixing a dent: the aftermath is often far worse than if the damage were left alone in the first place.Paintless Dent Repair is not a DIY project: logically it makes perfect sense to push a dent from behind randomly; however, the reality is far from what you might suspect. DIY almost always makes the damage worse, and in some cases prevent a successful auto dent repair.

Depending on the size of your dent and your flexibility with the location of the repair, we can get to most dents right away. Larger more complex dents or hail damage jobs may take longer and may require that your car be brought to us due to the removal and installation of parts. 

Most dent repairs take less than one hour for a one-inch circular dent: each additional inch will cost about thirty minutes — If there is a crease add fifty percent more time. Removal and reinstallation of parts vary between makes and models. Prior to starting the repair, a technician will discuss the timeline for your specific repair. 

Yes! This is one of our specialties. Hail damage is typically repaired through a combination of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and Body Shop options. In most cases, PDR can repair the entire vehicle. Most of the components on the vehicle are removed to get behind the metal for a repair. This means that the headliner and sunroof will come down. All roof rails, antenna, trunk, and hood are removed to allow easy access by a PDR technician.

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